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commercial modelling agency

100% Canadian

We are based in the country we know best

We are actively recruiting and hiring models in Canada exclusively at this time


We help unsigned and amateur models get started in the industry


We can help you break into the industry with a killer portfolio, intricate web-design, and social media management services


We can become your agency and handle your career, from private photoshoots to billboard ads, and acting union or non union


We can help advocate and direct you to lawyers/unions that can help you get hired and keep high-profile gigs


Our Services

Here's a quick brief on the types of services we provide, this is a summary -- we do a lot more for you!


  • Professional Portfolio Generation

  • Professional Social Media Management

  • Website+Design+Hosting

  • Fourth benefit



  • Everything from Portfolio offering PLUS

  • Legal Services

  • Personal Union Liaison

  • Personal Advocate



  • Best of both worlds

  • Personal agent like the big stars

  • no costs just 10% fee from your annual earnings

  • Legal/Design/Portfolio Incl

Own the Runway

It's your dream..

We can help make it a reality

From the catwalk to the runway let us manage your portfolio and help you successfully break into the fashion/modelling industry
media experts

Social Media Star

You may not be a social media expert,
but we are!

Social media has helped thrust unknown models into the fashion world and show public demand for their unique looks.
Give professionals the helm and let them manage your social media accounts to create a uniform but unique message.
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